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How to Encourage Your Picky Eater to Broaden Their Horizons

Hello everyone, todays i want to describe about picky eater. Picky Eater is a problem for parents, right?

Children and toddlers regularly go through phases of picky eating, and there’s nothing wrong with allowing children to develop their own tastes and preferences. It’s always tough finding foods that kids will eat, but kids generally take after their parents. They’ll usually end up coming around to new foods after seeing you eat them.

On the other hand, some children have trouble eating one specific food or type of food, and some cases of picky eating may lead to other health issues over time. These picky eater tips will help encourage your child to expand their tastes and develop healthy eating habits that could last a lifetime.

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Be a Role Model

As mentioned above, one of the most effective ways of getting your child to try new foods is simply by trying them yourself. They’re less likely to respond to your input if they see that you aren’t doing what you asked them to do.

Give Them Time

You can also incentivize your picky eater to branch out by giving them something in return each time they try something new. Once they’ve tried a new food a few times, they’ll probably start to warm up to it. Don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t happen overnight—some kids need to try a new food ten or more times before accepting it.

Start with Kid-friendly Dishes

Another effective strategy is incorporating new fruits and vegetables into combinations and dishes your child is more likely to enjoy. Broccoli with cheese, for example, will probably seem a lot more appetizing to your picky eater than plain broccoli.

Don’t Make Eating a Chore

Many parents have tried to help their child eat more vegetables by offering them foods they like in exchange for eating a certain amount of what they don’t like. While this may work for some children, it also communicates that eating is something they have to do. This can result in overeating and even prolong their aversion to vegetables or other new foods.

Cut Out Sugary Drinks

It’s common for toddlers and young children to avoid drinking water, and most kids prefer sweeter foods and drinks. While it may take time to improve their hydration, start by limiting the quantity of sugary beverages available to them. These are much worse for them than water and other low-calorie drinks, and they have been connected to childhood obesity and other health complications.

Trying to get your child to eat more healthy foods may feel like pulling teeth, but most picky kids come around to new foods with patience and a supportive environment. If you’re having trouble getting your kid to eat a specific food, keep these tips in mind to help them broaden their horizons and develop their tastes naturally.


Well, I hope this article useful for everyone who facing their kids with picky eater. Anyone wants to sharing about picky eater?feel free for discussion :)