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Cosmolle’s Yoga Sets Will Keep You Comfortable and Stylish

Yoga sets have been the knight in shining armor for all the workout lovers. Activewear has been part of the healthy life style and comfortability at max. Cosmolle is here to save you from all the worries and bring you the comfiest and most stylish not only yoga suits but all kinds of activewear. It’s all under one roof with the variety of activewear range at Cosmolle.

Let us not fret about what to wear and how to style your workout days when you have the access to Cosmolle’s wide range. Here is the list of the most comfortable and stylish activewear options.

AirWear Long Sleeve Top Yoga Sets

The perfect blend of ease and unique texture comes in this Airwear Long Sleeve Top. The edge bonded panels welcome comfortability and flexibility in your workouts without the fear of tearing.

yoga sets-AirWear-Long-Sleeve-Top

The thumb-holes serve as gloves while performing high intensity workouts. The classic scooping neckline is easy to carry without having a suffocating feeling during your workouts. Pair this top with high waisted leggings in solid colors to done your looks every day in style.

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Premium Sports Bra Yoga Sets

The premium sports bra is for maximum support and cushioning effect in your workout like never before. The breathable and airy fabric gives you ease and keep your non-sticky. The four-way stretching ability makes mobility easy and protects your breast tissues.            

yoga sets-premium-sports-bra

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The cross-back strap gives your back support without the risk of any muscle pulls. This bra can be used in any type of workout and lounging outfit available in contrasting colors. Pair it with AirWear Bike shorts to complete a yoga suit.

Move Free 7/8 Length Legging

You can surely look fashionable while you burn your calories at the gym with the most comfortable 7/8 Length Legging. These leggings are 1/8 shorter than the full leggings. The fashion-forward style exhibited in these leggings provide sleek silhouettes.


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These leggings do not cut you anywhere and are soft at every angle you take during working out making it an ideal choice. Pair these comfortable high waisted leggings with a crop top or a shrug top to complete your look and rock the gym.

Premium Seamless High Neck Tank Top

Premium Seamless High Neck Tank Top combines performance, comfort and style altogether in one product. The light weight and breathable fabric keep you at ease even when you sweat at the gym.


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The perfectly fit waistband sticks like second skin and without digging in the skin. The waist band secures your waist. This tank top is versatile in styling and can be used as a crop top in your formal outfits too. The six-color option is a wide range to choose from.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Cosmolle website to have the best activewear shopping you ever had by prioritizing your comfort. Add to the cart is the move you should not hesitate taking!