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How To Lost Belly Fat With a Waist Trainer?

Hello everyone? remember about my resolution for this year? yeah i have one resolution to burn my belly fat.

You can read this one :

Burn belly fat is more difficult than i think, i have exercise in the morning until my leg hurts but no change!

So pathetic..

One day, i had read an article about how to lost belly fat with simple, only use a waist trainer. Really? interested with simple way. 


Lost Belly Fat With a Waist Trainer

Today waist trainer fast growing among female including me, use waist trainer anytime the longer it is worn, the quicker the results would be! cool right?

Waist training is good as it can be used to slim down my mid-section yes i have problem for this part so i think must use waist trainer for that.

But use waist trainer, must attention about healthy eating and belly exercise is must! it's okay for body shape i crave maybe reduce junk food and routine exercise easy to lost my belly fat! best workout waist trainer can help the results quickly.

I think use waist trainer can compress my stomach and this one make me uncomfortable for eat. And i hope can reducing my stomach!

I want try use waist trainer while i workout, all this time i'm only wearing shirt and training pants, so funny! with this routine i want burn belly fat quickly hahaha imposibble..

Waist trainers help in slimming for midsection, but i should endeavour to use the right size according to my size. How if have size plus? don't worry because waist trainer available in various size. I've seen best waist trainer for plus size.


My hope is that after using a waist trainer while workout, i can focus on workouts and also i can avoid not only junk food but avoid food in carbohydrate. 

Maybe with this way, my stomach can go back and bye for belly fat. This condition since three years ago, when i giving birth my second child Rayi. huhuhu..

All this time, i have done various ways including drink slimming but hey look my stomach! belly fat is stay! 

So with this way i'm going burn belly fat with waist trainer while workout! but don't forget after working out, make sure drink enough water! because it can use dehydration.


Well, only that i can share this time. Have more ideas for burn belly fat? please share!