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Learn Gymnastic For Kids at Home

Hello everyone, one time i had read an article about pyshical activities for kids. I interest with benefit of psyhical activity moreover my lovely daughter Neyna have problem with her pyshical movement.

That Pyshical activities is called Gymnastic. Honestly I know about gymnastic because my friend daughter Kinanti become athlete since she was 5 years old. First time, i look her daughter gymnastic competition, i was worried because his body become elastic.

Unlike other sport, in my opinion gymnastic is fairly dangerous because it involves all aparts body and must practise often. I want my kids like Kinanti.

My kids are active child, jumping on the bed is their favorite. So, i want them to learn gymnastic at home.

Preparation For Gymnastic Exercise at Home

Corona pandemic makes all activities at home. And i want to teach kids Neyna and Rayi gymnastic. Not only for bonding time with kids but also exercise that make their healthy.

But before the gymnastic begin, i must prepare.  There are a few relatively safe ways for practice skills at home, among them :

👉 Prepare for appropriate clothing, so that can't impede childern movement. Leotard is best recomend for gymnastic clothing kids.

👉 Set up a safe area, exercise gymnastic at home need a large area. So, preparing a room for gymnastic will avoid serious injury. Usually my childern exercise in the family room.

 👉 Set gymnastic videos for kids, because i'm not profesional so i think set gymanstic video make it easy for my childern to learn gymnastics at home. Videos give them more ideas on how they can move.

👉 Prepare air track mats, make sure if  airtrack comfortable. Please choose a good air track mat because can make gymnastic activities for kids more fun. Learning skills on the mats is not the same if their learning on a floor.

air tumble

air floor

Gymnastic for kids at home can be on going. I hope gymnastic will help their overall gross motor development.


Well, only that i can share this time, Friends have a story about gymnastic for kids? let me know..


  1. seru banget kalau bisa berolahraga di rumah bareng anak. apalagi pakai alat yang profesional...

  2. Thanks for share mba... kalo terlena kelamaan di rumah bisa banyak masalah jg nih. Nah olah raga ringan begini bisa jadi terapi juga ut mengatasi kejenuhan


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